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We offer the expertise and customized solutions to help investors build long-term, risk-managed portfolios tailored to meet their unique financial goals.




We take an objective approach to every strategy and investment we recommend. We are able to offer a diverse universe of investments to align with the individual situations of each investor. We take our role of fiduciary very seriously and act in the best interests of our clients.



Our investment approach seeks to preserve and grow wealth across market cycles. It considers each client’s risk tolerance and focuses on strategies that manage risk and attempt to avoid significant drawdowns. Our goal is to have long-term investments experience the power of compounded returns.



We have broad depth and breadth of experience in building investment portfolios and supporting advisory businesses. Our investment expertise spans evaluating and implementing traditional and alternative vehicles, analyzing market trends and investment strategies, as well as assisting hundreds of advisors in launching and growing their businesses. Our partnerships with some of today’s most innovative money managers, serving as sub-advisors to HW Markets, enhance this expertise.



At HW Markets, we take our fiduciary duty very seriously. As a result, we constantly review our investment platform and money managers to ensure that each strategy adheres to our riskmanaged investment philosophy. In our pursuit of flexible money managers with a competitive edge, we are often led to boutique firms that typically run far fewer assets than many of the mega-fund shops. We believe that a smaller asset base enhances a manager’s ability to capitalize on opportunities and makes them less prone to deviate from a process just to accommodate a growing asset base. Partner With Innovative Portfolio Managers Why We Use Boutique Managers We’ve been pleased to maintain longstanding exclusive or near-exclusive relationships with a number of successful boutique firms. These are firms that aim to manage capital and deliver solid investment solutions for clients. When we go into partnership, they know the expectation is designed to generate risk-appropriate returns and to limit large drawdowns.



  • Founded: 2013
  • Operates: Global wide 
  • Services: investment management through select network of independent advisor representatives Full Forex , CFD Investment Platform
  • Portfolios: equity, fixed income, correlation and volatility
  • Investment strategy: analytical approach to risk and rewardFirms
  • Ranked: Financial Times Top 300 List for 2014
  • Assets under management: Over $1.8B


In a few words our mission is to offer you the ultimate trading experience. Our vision is to broaden our portfolio of clients and we do that by helping you in achieving your financial goals.


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